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Hygiene screens

Our transparent social distancing screens will provide your staff and clients with an essential layer of protection when using your facilities or carrying out their jobs. Quick to install, easy to clean and an indispensable hygiene solution. Discuss your requirements with our Brighton-based team here at Buxtons today.

A simple yet effective method of reducing viral transmission in your commercial environment  

Our protective hygiene screens can be fitted to your desk or shop counter, can be free standing or even suspended and are available in a variety of widths. Choose transparent options for ease of verbal and physical communication, or translucent for a layer of privacy depending on your business needs.

In this day and age, hygiene is more prominent than ever in the public’s mind, with influenza, COVID-19 and a host of common colds and sickness bugs resulting in staff absences and general ill health on a regular basis. Our hygiene screens are a simple and effective way to put your visitors’, customers’ and employees’ minds at ease, and reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria at the same time.

hygiene screen in surgery screen
hygiene screen

Why should you choose our hygiene screens for your business?

  • Screens come transparent for ease of communication or translucent for extra privacy

  • Keep your staff and the public safer and instil peace of mind in your clientele

  • Reduce staff absences due to ill health

  • Quick to install and easy to clean

  • Available in a variety of thicknesses

  • Ideal for shop counters, reception desks or as dividers to keep your customers safer

Take a look at our blackout blinds for maximum privacy.

brighton pavilion building

Make a positive step towards making your business premises a safer space for all. 

Discuss our social distancing screens with the Buxtons team on 

01273 300074

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